Your natural self, your Spiritual self…

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Your natural self, your Spiritual self…

ARC Sunday Service Preaching March 1, 2020 with Pastor Edwards…your natural self, your Spiritual self. Some of the Scriptures from the preaching included: Matt 16:24-26, Rom 8:1-9 and 14, Gala 5:16-26, Jude 1:20-21, 1 Sam 30:6 among others.

As he preached, just some of what Pastor Edwards said is that God and his Church do not have a Spirit problem. They have a “self” problem. We need to win the war over our natural self to worship God in spirit and in truth. Spirit and flesh will constantly oppose/contradict each other. We can have a David spirit in a Saul body. A bad day can set Saul on fire.

We will never truly seek God until we subdue our self/flesh. The Spirit self is willing all the time. But the flesh self is not. We need to stir-up the gift that is in us. We need to build-up ourselves in the most holy faith. We need more Spirit self motivation. Humility with submission goes a long with that, and other Spiritual things of God.

Since Judas found no self denial, he found self destruction. We are resisting God when we do not let go of the wrongs things we like. If we serve the devil, it is because we have submitted ourselves to him.

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NOTE: The Open/Continued Sunday Service Scripture came from 1 Corin 12:12-13.