You Are a Work of Art.

“You Are a Work of Art” by Angela Overton.
The value of something is the price you are willing to pay for it. In the case of Impressionist art, an anonymous bidder at an NYC auction last year was willing to pay 110.7 million dollars for Claude Monet’s ‘Meules’ painting. If Monet only knew the impact his paintings would have in the 21st century.

You may think the talent you possess is insignificant. Maybe you are hesitant to fully pursue your calling because you fear failing or you dread people rejecting your heart.

It makes me think—how many famous works of art were thrown away because their creator felt insignificant in comparison to other artists? How many men and women have manuscripts saved on their computers that will never grace bookstores because they are too afraid of how people will react to their words? How many songs have been penned that we will never hear?

What are you hiding? I’m not talking about a secret sin, I’m talking about your talent, your passion—your calling! You can make a difference. Your gifting can have a global impact.

Not everyone loves Impressionist art. To some, it looks childish—to others, it is worth over 100 million dollars. To Monet, however, it was his passion. He found beauty in haystacks, water lilies, and bridges.

Where do you find beauty?
What is your passion?

For Jesus, it was souls. He dedicated His life to you and me, regardless of the multitude that scorned Him.

Sometimes we fear rejection, while at other times we crave popularity; both can be destructive and debilitating. When you mold your passion in a way to please everyone, you will be met with harsh judgment and dismissive opinions. Not even Jesus, who is God in flesh, could sway every heart to love Him and accept everlasting life. The main thing Jesus did was make His love and salvation available to anyone, at any time.

You are a priceless work-of-art and more valuable than any painting for sale at an auction. God is waiting for you to step out and share your gift with the world. Trust me, there are so many people who will be blessed by your story, your song, your ministry—your whatever it is.
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