What Stephanie Gossard says about Autism.

People with autism are created by God in a special way. They think differently than most people do. Sometimes they have difficulty talking to other people or looking at you. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be your friend or are not listening to you. Treat them just like everyone else. They can also have ultrasensitive senses and can get overwhelmed if it is noisy or crowded. At times they might need a break. If you have someone in your church with autism, talking about things they like might be helpful.

churches will welcome people with all abilities.
they will show the love of God to individuals and families affected by disabilities.
teachers will have wisdom to teach and instruct.
for the kids in our Sunday school classes to be kind, to talk to kids that are not the same as they are, and to be helpful and be friends with all kids.
for people with autism to feel God’s presence.
for people with autism to see the love of God when they come to church and to have a desire to serve God all the days of their life.
for us to love people like God loves people.
for the Ladies Ministries program, ABLE Ministry. (ABLE is dedicated to assisting the special needs and disabled populations within the church and the community.) Connect with ABLE on Facebook at ABLE Ministry UPCI.
Stephanie Gossard (Timothy’s Mom)
Content Manager, ABLE Ministry
St. Charles, Missouri
(From: WNOP ECHOgram Newsletter – World Network of Prayer wnopadmins@upci.org)

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