What have we learned in 2020.

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What have we learned in 2020.

A WORD FROM THE LORD…by Bishop Chester Wright(Apostolic Iron).

I, Chester M. Wright, was awakened early this morning (12-9-20) with the Lord putting this WORD into my Spirit. I testify unto you, Dear Reader, that I have received this message from the Lord for His Church, as one of His conduits and by His Grace alone, and offer this Word to those who will receive and hear it from Him and not as the words of a man. To Him Alone be all the Glory:

As 2020 rapidly comes to an end, the Lord has caused deep concern within the spiritually sensitive, a stirring of His Spirit within His Body, and a burden for the Church within the Men and Women of God who are willing to receive it from Him. He is moving on all of those especially that He can trust to pray His burdens and His Will and NOT their own. This moving and convicting of His Spirit is primarily about what this year has revealed concerning the faith, attitudes, priorities, and spirituality of those of us in the Body of Christ. It’s also about where and how we go from here in Him and in His Will/Plan.

This year’s “unusual circumstances” have mostly disrupted all “normal daily life”—things of both the natural life and the spiritual life. They have clearly revealed the difference between those who have and those who do not have an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF—instead of just with their local church body. It also has revealed a very sad divergence: It is making glaringly apparent the growing disparities that exist between those whose faith and “salvation” is “dependent” upon “having Church services” because of the lack of that personal, spiritual relationship with God, and those whose faith is able to both survive AND thrive during these very difficult times—because they “know Him.”…

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