We need more Spiritual men for God.

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We need more Spiritual men for God.

This past week Wednesday I had to complete Lesson 7 of a Home Bible Study (HBS) with a member of the local Church I attend. But when I arrived at his home, another brother from the same Church who is a relative was also there. That I did not know in advance that would be the case. I got no prior information or notice. Nevertheless, it was good to see them both.

The Bible Lesson #7 from The Light of Truth: The Power of the Holy Ghost went well with the person. He seemed to respond well to the Bible Scriptures and the real life examples mentioned. But then I remembered the reason why it took so long and his “unavailability” to do this last lesson. His phone texted message to me back then in last year 2019 came back to my mind. But I did not let that distract me. I just focused on the topic and the need to complete the last Lesson.

But it was when I left his home and proceeded to my Lyft Ride that I started to think about how much we need more Spiritual men in Church to teach Home Bible Study, go on Evangelism Witnessing, Preach the word of God, conduct Church Assembly Teaching of the word, participate in Prayer and Fasting, help others pray to receive the Holy Ghost at the Altar, and such alike, as the need to “List” is long.

The two brothers from above I know well enough to know they may not quite fit into the category of the Spiritual men we (i.e. the Church) need. One is very young in the Lord having been saved recently. The other had at least 2 or three opportunities to progress in the Lord with Spiritual duties. But he has shown that he needs lots of help to accomplish that and consistently. Then I could not focus my mind on another person (i.e. men) except for one Spanish Ministry person. And how sad I became. Because we are in a Spiritual Warfare with the enemy of Christ and we need as much help as possible…we need more Spiritual men for God.

The best thing that came to my mind was to pray more for the men and look to the youths for help. Maybe they will grow up in Church to be Spiritual men for God.