Waiting for Nothing.

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Waiting for Nothing.

“Waiting for Nothing” by Jerolyn Kelley.
On a past Europe/Middle East prayer trip to Sophia, BulgariaI was intrigued by the dedication and sincerity of people in a cathedral of this great city. We sat for around an hour praying in this historical church.

There was a certain shrine that many people gravitated to. I watched as they patiently waited for their turn to approach the shrine and seekfor answers to their needs and comfort in their lives. I have been in many cathedrals over the years, but I was struck all over again with the realization that they were waiting for nothing.

No shrine, no saint, no ritual was going to satisfy their spiritual hunger. At least they were reaching out to God in the only way they knew how to, but little did they know that they were just waiting in line for nothing.

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