The War of All Ages

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The War of All Ages

The War of All Ages—PRAYER” from Pastor Daniel Stirnemann.
With the seriousness of the battle that we are facing, it seems only right that we as warriors make sure we are following all the strategic plans of war according to the leading of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need precise and exact directions in order to accomplish the will of God. We do not have time or energy left to allow ourselves to shoot with a scatter gun. We need to release every prayer straight as an arrow so it will be aimed vertically at the enemy’s tactics.

Peter Wagner’s book said that in the Persian Gulf War, Saddam Hussein would shoot scud missiles in the general direction of his enemy and watch CNN to see where they hit. On the other hand,the allies counterattacked with smart bombs aiming precisely at their target.It is time that God’s people begin praying strategic prayers that act as smart bombs exploding every tactic of the enemy. The church is being challenged as we enter this season of spiritual warfare.Let’s pray and believe the following scriptures:

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