The Value of a Sensitized Ear

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The Value of a Sensitized Ear

There are many ways that God speaks to each of us, and there’s really no guarantees that we’ll always catch His multi-dimensional voice. I learned a valuable lesson years ago when I missed His whisper and call to me, and that had profound eternal meaning. And He didn’t share my blatant blunder with me until ten years later. Do you know how small, insignificant, and embarrassed you can feel when you realize that you’ve missed His voice and His purposes for ten long years?

I’ve tried to be more sensitive to His tender speech since my enormous bungle years ago. My brokenness and repentance have helped with my sorrow. And if I can help someone else to be a bit more sensitized to His dealings, then my mistake will carry for me a sense of redemption.

Early in our marriage my husband and I had been evangelizing. We tried to attend every seminar for evangelists during that time. The last one we attended, Reverend Nathaniel Urshan was teaching on the Ministry of Intercession. He explained many insights into the ministry. One of his statements caught my attention. This isn’t an exact quote, but a summary from my memory. “Intercessors usually don’t like to go to parties because they carry heavy burdens.” Well, I love to laugh and do enjoy wholesome fun; so as he was teaching, I specifically remember the mental image of a large yellow pad (in my mind). On the paper I wrote the word, “Intercession” and crossed through it with a big black marker. That was not a ministry for me. Done.
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