The Power of Praying in the Holy Ghost by Pastor Daniel Stirnemann.

In order to experience the promised end time apostolic revival, we must put greater emphasis on the daily practice of praying in the Holy Ghost. Praying in tongues coupled with fasting and the Word:

Will help bring about a restoration of the miraculous power of God in our lives
Facilitates the door of entrance into the gifts of the Spirits
Authorizes every believer to be used supernaturally making us a conduit through which God's miraculous power can flow.
Releases rest for the body and soul spoken of in Isaiah 28; Acts 1:8; Ephesians 3:20; 4:16; 6:18; Galatians 5:22-23; I John 4:16-17; 1 Corinthians 12:7,11; 14:15, 18; Jude 1:20; Mark 16:20 

for new insight of greater power and rivers of living waters that are available to us by praying in the Holy Ghost.
for a great building up of faith upon which love is the foundation.
for a thirsting for spiritual fruit and gifts of the Spirit that only God can provide though the Holy Ghost.
to be enlighten on how we can bring much damage to the kingdom of darkness around us.
that we seek the mind of God to show us how to open doors of adversity and restore the sound of victory In our lives and in our churches.

Pastor Daniel Stirnemann
The Sanctuary, Lebanon, Tennessee
TN District Prayer Coordinator
( From: WNOP Prayer Connect – World Network of Prayer – )

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