The power and purpose of God…the peace of God.

ARC Sunday Service December 8, 2019 with Pastor Edwards: The power and purpose of God…the peace of God. And some of the Scriptures from the preaching include: Isa 9:6-7, Jere 29:1-7 and 11, Phil 4:4-7 and others.

As he preached, Pastor Edwards said where ever the government of God is, it’s a safe place because the presence of God reigns there. And the peace of God is prosperity. When God rules and governs in our life, we will have the peace of God.

Pastor Edwards also said we need to be a God-govern Church, not a flesh-govern Church. God will not be a partial governing God. The anointing of God will change our life, not just stir up our flesh. There are things in our life we do not need to pray about but to obey about. Pain in our life is real. But who is on the Throne of our life will decide on what peace will be in our life. The pain in our life may not be gone, but it will not stop us from following after God and his peace.

And as he continued preaching, Pastor Edwards said the lack of peace in the Church and in our life is a sign that maybe God does not govern there. Some people will pray and talk in tongues in the Spirit of God, but they do not want to obey the Spirit of God. Sometimes we need to obey and not just pray.

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