The Perfect Supernatural Storm.

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The Perfect Supernatural Storm.

ARC Sunday Preaching March 29, 2020 Live Facebook Video with Pastor Edwards…The Perfect Supernatural Storm. Some of the Scriptures from the Preaching include: John 17:1-16, Acts 1:8, and Acts 2:1-4 KJV.

As he preached, just some of what Pastor Edwards said is that we will get supernatural words to come to our mouths, hearts and minds from praying in the Holy Ghost. We can have the Spirit (i.e. the Holy Ghost) in us and still not be in the Spirit. When that’s the opposite situation, then Spiritual things will happen. We need to know and tap into what we have within us and not be in the flesh (Galatians 3:1-4). We need to walk (i.e. live) in the Spirit and we will not fulfil the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:16).

When He (i.e. God) is in us and we are in him, then Spiritual things will happen. We need to fight our present natural storm with our supernatural storm that is within us. There is a storm living inside of us that can overcome all the storms around us. When we receive the Holy Ghost, we have a fire in us that can fight hell’s fire.

God is trying to get our undivided attention. But we will come to Church with “stuff'” in our life that can prevent that from happening. Confidence in God in the mist of our trials, and so on, is Spiritual. But we need to get into the Spirit and focus on God. And not having what we need in God maybe because we are making the wrong choices. The timing of God and the power of God will be perfect in our life if we let God have His way in our life.

The “Corona” (i.e. the Coronavirus) storm is trying to keep us from the supernatural storm of God. But we need to be shut-in with God. Because fear, worry, etc., in our life are greater than the “Corona.” God can get some glory from the “Corona” shut-in because the word of God cannot be binded or blocked in our life. Things will never be the same after “Corona.” The Church will never be the same after “Corona.”

When the enemy comes in like a flood in our life, the Spirit of the Lord will rise up and above that with a standard, and be on the offense – not the defense. If the Church will just stand up in alignment with God, we can do great things. When we get up out of our darkness, then Heaven will be at work on our behalf. Everything we need, exist in the Spirit of God. Darkness comes with fear and doubt in our life. Then the enemy will be having a good day. When we are a light in our life, the enemy is pushed back. And we will then get Heaven’s attention.

When we are living for God in faith and obedience, the Angels of the Lord are working on our side and on our behalf.