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The Miracle and more…

“The Miracle of All Miracles” from Colleen Clabaugh.
Miracles. When the word is mentioned most of us would think of healing for the sick, an unexpected financial blessing, an answer to difficult prayer, or a person coming back to life. Our hearts yearn to see these things and our prayers are full of pleas for our omnipotent God to show Himself strong to a world that is trying to convince itself that He does not exist. We need miracles. We need signs. We need wonders.

The truth is, we already have them all around us; we are just not seeing them.

Every creature that exists is a testament to the awesome, creative ability of a holy God that chooses to create us even knowing our faults in advance. Every prayer answered, no matter how small, proves that God cares about even the mundane things of our life. Every time God says “no” it proves His love because He knows our future and what’s best for us.

When God speaks to us, we experience a moment of divine connection with the most powerful essence in the entire universe. To understand that God knows the number of hairs on our head shows He is interested in every part of us. He doesn’t just think about His own power and glory, He actually thinks on us–flawed humans who often have little time for Him in return. [He sometimes waits to answer us simply because He is seeing if we will trust Him.]

When we look for miracles, suddenly we find that life with God itself is a miracle. Then we come to this realization that God really is good, not to just a few, but to each of us. And we find that He is working in our lives all the time, and He actually enjoys us. A perfect God, desiring to simply be with a sinful human…that is the miracle of all miracles!

For awareness to discern how God is working around you
For a heart that senses how He is trying to heal your emotions, thoughts, and mind (soul)
For eyes to see Him in the secular, the mundane, in others, and in nature
For ears to hear Him as He speaks to you about the simple things of life
For a yearning to change and become one with His Spirit
For patience to wait and listen for Him
For an intentional effort to get to know Him for who He is, and what He likes
For a mind to remember what He’s done for you already
For faith to believe that He’s watching, listening, and thinking of you right now

Colleen Clabaugh
Creative Designer (PPH)
UPCI World Headquarters
(Info from: World Network of Prayer


“The Miracle is Within Us.”

Proverbs 18:14 informs us that, “The spirit of a man sustains him in sickness, But as for a broken spirit, who can bear it”? It is evident that a miracle is needed for the healing of this unseen dynamic of humanity. The Hebrew root of the word “bear” means to sustain, endure, and also implies forgiveness. We understand from scripture, and from personal experience, that only God can heal the spiritual wounds, which have been inflicted by this fallen world we live in. I Thessalonians 5:23 says, “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through [that is, separate you from profane and vulgar things, make you pure and whole and undamaged—consecrated to Him—set apart for His purpose]; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept complete and [be found] blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Sometimes we need to separate ourselves, and do damage control. But we must start with changing our minds.

Our minds are synonymous to our souls, and are where our thoughts, will, and emotions originate from. But the spirit of man is his conscious, which we may not be aware of due to thoughts that are in our subconscious. It is the Lord who knows the subconscious, i.e., the thoughts and motives (see Proverbs 16:2). We have heard of psychiatrists attempting to delve into the subconscious through hypnosis, but God does not need to use psychological tactics. Scripture tells us that, “The spirit (conscience) of man is the lamp of the Lord, Searching and examining all the innermost parts of his being” (Proverbs 20:27). God has the ability to move in the past, present, and future; providing that human will does not prevent Him. This is where we play our part in the miraculous. We must open our spirits to God through time spent with Him in prayer. The prayers of others are powerful and needed. However, it is our time with The Great Physician, The Counselor, and The Prince of Peace that brings healing to our spirits, and wholeness to our souls. This healing can only take place at an altar of prayer.

It is vital to our spiritual well-being to have a place of consecration, which may seem archaic to some in this present age of “anything goes”, but God says, “I am the Lord, and I change not”. The altar of daily prayer will push back the dark forces that are trying to draw many away from God, who should be our first love. There are many who are preaching “another Jesus,” and those who are coming with lying signs and wonders, preaching the deceivableness of sin. There will be “mock” healings of sicknesses, in order to, if possible, deceive the “very elect.” But, by their fruits, we will know them. There is no greater miracle than a changed mind, or a healed spirit, which is evident in a life that once was living in darkness, but now is walking in The Light. This is something that neither the Antichrist nor the man of sin can counterfeit. Walking in The Light can be seen in the lives of those who take their problems to God. They have spiritual insight because they remain connected to the true vine. When the “little foxes” come to spoil the power and faith that comes from the love of God, they are able to rise above any fall that may result. The “eternal miracle” that lies within each one of us is dependent on staying connected to the “True Vine.” Prayer is the spiritual glue that holds everything together.

Beth Marie Evans
Apostolic Author
Associate Minister
International Christian Fellowship
(Info from: World Network of Prayer

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