The Flow of Oil of Intercessory Prayer

“The Flow of Oil (Spirit of God) of Intercessory Prayer” by Pastor Denzil Holman.
I learned a valuable lesson long ago about the value of lubricating oil in an automobile. It was my first automobile, a 1951 Mercury and I kept putting gasoline in it and driving it. One Sunday on my way to church, I heard a knocking sound coming from the engine. I stopped at a gasoline station and checked the oil dipstick. It was dry. As I recall, we had to put in 3 or 4 quarts of oil to get it to a normal level. After that the engine quieted down and ran efficiently.

The Church is the Body of Christ and will work efficiently when carnality and self are under control. When people do not pray, carnality will prevail and the engine of progress in the Church comes to a halt and freezes up. Intercessory prayer is unselfish praying and self is not on the throne. Intercessory prayer places others first and then we can pray for our own needs. The motto rings true, much prayer, much power, little prayer, little power, no prayer, no power.

The Spirit of God is likened to oil in scripture and the flow of the Spirit (oil) will keep things running smoothly without friction.

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