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The flag of a country represents their standard. It provokes emotion and passion when you see it. Nothing evokes emotion like a flag does. The flag reminds us of our identity. Its colors are very important as well. Song of Solomon 2:4, Exodus 17:15, and Isaiah 59:19 all refer to the Lord as our Yahweh, our Banner (Flag/Standard).

When an enemy’s flag was captured it meant great victory for their military. The cross is our flag/standard. A flag of a country exemplifies the devotion of a leader who continues to uphold his country’s promises. It reminds us of what our forefathers did for us. It reminds us of our power and purpose as a people.

The serpent is Satan’s flag or standard for sin brought into the world through the Garden of Eden. Satan’s flag or standard was captured by Jesus at Calvary and wrapped around just like the pole of Moses in Numbers 21:5.

Our Apostolic flag color is red, the blood of Jesus. The cross is our standard and flag as a reminder that it is our military symbol of triumph against familiar spirits, generational curses, and physical strongholds that try to mock us every day. It should invoke passion and emotion. It reminds us of God’s greatness. Now we are free to love as God’s fortunate children. It reminds us of our power and purpose as His people.

As long as the men held up Moses’ arm on the top of the hill, they had victory (Exodus 17:15). As long as we hold up the cross (standard) when the enemy comes in like a flood, we will have a position of victory.

The Cross is our standard/flag reminding us of the military victory in Jesus and we have:

The unshakable bridal covenant with Jesus Christ
The superior and suffering love of Jesus Christ
The healing and transformative power Calvary gives us
The violent and final defeat of sin and death

Pray an Apostolic Pledge of Allegiance:
I pledge allegiance to the cross of the United Kingdom of Jesus; And to the covenant for which the Bride stands, one Lord and one baptism, in Jesus name, with liberty by His blood, for all.

Pastor Don Rogers
The Pentecostals of Wisconsin
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator
( From: WNOP Prayer Connect – World Network of Prayer – wnopadmins@upci.org )