The Church God made, God managed Reputation

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The Church God made, God managed Reputation

ARC Sunday Service Preaching March 8, 2020 with Pastor Edwards…The Church God made, God managed Reputation. Some of the Scriptures mentioned came from Job 1:1, 6-12, and 20-21, Job 2:1-11, 1 Corin 6:9, and Jere 29:11 KJV.

As he started to preached, Pastor Edwards said Satan hates our God made Reputation. God does not make mistake and we will always be God’s peculiar people. We must not have any dialogue with the devil because it will always come out wrong. “Ask Eve” from the Old Testament.

Our Testimony about God is to be a big part of our life. We are to be holy as he is holy. That in itself is a Testimony that will keep the devil away and running. From Jere 29:11 but reading from verses 1-11, we will not get to the expected that the Scripture speaks about if we stop expecting. Thank God he knows who we were but also who we could become and took a chance with us. If we build a house of the Lord in the devil’s territory he cannot reign over us.

Pastor Edwards also preached that Paul went through many afflictions but God delivered him out of them all (2 Timothy 3:11). It does not matter what we are going through, if it is for God it will make us better. And it’s important to know the voice of the Lord, especially in our “bondage” or trials of life. There is blessings in our life that want to overtake us (Deuteronomy 28:1-2).

When we walk in the Reputation of God, the world and the enemy will fear us.

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