Teach Us To Pray.

” Lord, Teach Us To Pray! “
As the disciples walked with Jesus, they daily heard His teaching and saw the miracles He did for the people. They saw blind eyes opened, the crippled made to walk and even the dead raised to life again. And yet, their request to Him was, “Lord, teach us to pray.” In response, Jesus taught them that true prayer is not only asking, but it is also about binding and loosing, or warfare and bringing down the strongholds of hell. He taught them that some things may appear impossible, but there is a faith that can explode the impossible. And mighty prevailing prayer is the weapon that opens the door to the power that overcomes the world of darkness. And that world will yield ground to the child of God who gets desperate enough to pray in the spirit until hell’s gates are moved.

A desperate pray-er doesn’t care who hears him/her pray; he/she cares only about one thing and that is his great need of touching God.

Several years ago while my late husband and I were pastoring, some of our ladies were at our church seeking God earnestly when we heard in the distance a woman screaming. Alarmed, we ran outside and saw a woman running toward us with a small child in her arms. She fell to the ground at my feet crying and screaming, “my baby is dead…he had a seizure and stopped breathing…he hasn’t breathed for several minutes now. Please pray!” The child was unresponsive, but as we laid our hands on him and called on the name of Jesus, he began to gasp for breath and started crying. God completely healed that child. He is still a mighty, merciful God who hears and answers when His people earnestly seek Him.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” (James 5:16b}

Norma Deville, Guest Writer
Shady Grove UPC
Jena, Louisiana
(World Network of Prayer – wnopadmins@upci.org)

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