Seeking God’s Richeousness…

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Seeking God’s Richeousness…

Day by Day Prayer Points to Humble Oursleves Before God
Dear Lord…

1. Help me to seek You first every day and to be thankful.

2. Give me wisdom to know when I am deceived and open my heart to all truth.

3. Create in me a clean heart and renew in me a right spirit.

4. Don’t let anyone lead me astray with empty philosophy and vain deceit.

5. Give me a spirit of humility.

6. Give me a strong desire for righteousness and holiness.

7. Soften my heart that I may have a teachable spirit.

8. By Your power help me to cast down all strongholds in my life.

9. Reveal the true condition of my heart and cultivate a right spirit within me.

10. Let my actions reflect Your values and not those of the world.

11. Place a burden of prayer and fasting in my heart and in my lifestyle.

12. Break me from the need to be in control that I may submit to my spiritual leaders.

13. Show me when I am rebellious and do things that are contrary to Your will.

14. May I always be reminded that I will reap what I sow.

15. Help me cultivate a desire in my heart to be obedient to Your Holy Word.

16. Help me forgive those who hurt me and to show mercy as You have shown mercy to me.

17. Fill my heart with peace, happiness, and joy and help me focus on heavenly things.

18. Fill me with Your goodness so that it becomes a natural way to treat others.

19. Give me strength to resist temptation and harmful habits that might control me.

20. Open my ears to Your voice as Your Spirit leads me.

21. Fill my heart with repentance for the things I have done that grieve You.

22. Please remove bitterness in my heart that causes me to harbor unforgiveness.

23. Let my words and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight.

24. Please remove the pride that keeps me from seeing myself as You see me.

25. Give me the desire to obey You and the power to please You.

26. Help me to bless You at all times and let Your praises continually be in my mouth.

27. Because there is power in words, help me to speak only good things.

28. Help me to never grieve Your Spirit.

29. Empower me with Your strength so that the enemy’s tactics won’t entice me.

30. Help me to always know and recognize truth.

31. Transform me into Your likeness.
(From: PURE Newsletter – UPCI Ladies Ministries)