Resisting the Devil, Then He Will Flee.

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Resisting the Devil, Then He Will Flee.

Resisting the Devil, Then He Will Flee For too many years I found myself resisting the devil as a big part of prayer in spiritual warfare. With great vigor I would invoke the authority of the name of Jesus towards the devil. I would use the Word of God and rebuke the attacks of the enemy in Jesus’ name. I would be ferocious in going after the enemy to resist him so I could live an overcoming life of holiness (James 4:7).

The center of this kind of prayer was resisting and warring with evil. Conversely, the real focus of all spiritual warfare should be us submitting ourselves to God, as identified in the previous verse in the book of James, chapter four. Without real submission to the will and Word of God towards temptation, I am not experiencing real,inward transformation in spiritual warfare.

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