Praying for your Children by Rachel Carson

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Praying for your Children by Rachel Carson

Opening the door after a day at school to the aroma of fresh baked cookies is one of my childhood favorites. However, there was a common sound mingled with that common scent, that was hard to truly appreciate as a child. So many times, I came home from school and heard my mother deep in prayer, interceding in her room. My mother prayed powerfully at church, but what I saw and heard of her prayers at home still echoes in my mind. She would press for a family devotion every night and made sure we knew the importance of not just praying but being in the Word.

As a young girl, I loved “playing house.” Trying to mimic properly, I would cradle, rock, and feed my baby doll, pretending she was real. As many can relate (when going to church is such a strong part of your family culture), “playing house” transitioned into “taking the baby to church.” I would get dressed up, scooting around in mom’s heels, dress my baby in Sunday’s best, and then walk to the living room for church. Although we always made it through song service, the baby normally got fussy at preaching time and so I had to take her out and change her. We would hurry back in with a fresh diaper in time for the altar call. Going to church and spending time in prayer were easy to imitate and engage because of the consistent example.

As parents, if we don’t pray in the home, what model will our child have for prayer? Proverbs 22:6, tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” In this crazy world, they need to not only know we pray, but they also need to hear and see us pray. Whether home, public, or private schooling, this generation of children fights things my generation and beyond never did. Our kids attend the local public school. We start each morning with prayer and then try to take the next step. Before they walk out to get on the school bus, we begin quoting their Bible quizzing verses. We never know what the day faces, but we can start it correctly with prayer and God’s Word. Like Hebrews 4:12 says, the Word of God is quick and powerful.

So many times before my youngest started kindergarten, I would get up and go pray in the living room before he would wake up. However, many times when I was done pouring my heart out to the Lord, I would realize that he was right next to me on the floor praying himself. Now, several years later, he loves going to the altar during praise and worship service at church with his hands lifted and tears rolling down his cheeks. As a mother, there is nothing like it. It is wonderful to say, “I grew up with a praying mother.” I want my kids to say the same about me!

Note: Rachel Carson is wife to Josh and mother to four beautiful children, Canan (15), Carver (12), Kadynce (10), and Casen (7).
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