“Prayers for Missionary Kids”

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“Prayers for Missionary Kids”

Missionary Kids (MKs) come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and have one thing in common; they have parents who are currently serving or have served in Global Missions. They have a unique sub-culture who feel that they are most comfortable when one foot is on North American soil and one foot is on the country of their calling. We believe that God calls families into missions, not just the parents. We also feel that MKs are not just children of missionaries, but children missionaries. We have hundreds of MKs in the age range from infants to the elderly. Missionary Kids need our daily prayers! Their needs are vast and the list is lengthy, but this is a great starting point to pray over our missionaries and Missionary Kids!

1. Pray for families who feel the call to missions but are fearful to commit due to the changes it would cause in their families. (John 15:16)

Pray for boldness for these families.
Pray for financial provision for them.
Pray that God would take away all fear.
Pray for those that are currently appointed under AIM in Global Missions will take the next step to be fully appointed.

2. Pray for the Missionary Kids who are serving on the field, that they would be protected daily.
(I Samuel 2:9)

Pray for those MKs who are in countries of political unrest.
Pray for MKs who are in countries where Christianity is not welcomed.
Pray for physical protection, peace, and emotional strength. Pray for unity in the churches in their nations.
Pray for Missionary Kids who will be in transition this year. Some MKs that will graduate and some will return to North America for college. (Psalm 46:1-3)
Pray for God to show MKs His direction in their lives.
Pray that God would surround them with a church that is sensitive to their specific needs and will be a second family to them.
Pray that God will provide a vehicle, a job, and wisdom to handle daily activities while going through a time of change in their life.
Pray that God will give their parents peace as they stay on the field while their MKs go to college.
Pray for the line of communication to stay strong between the MKs and missionaries during this time of change and decision-making.

3. Pray for Missionary Kids to be used of God in their nation. (Jeremiah 1:5)

Pray that God will show MKs how they can use their talents to help in the local churches.
Pray against fear, depression, and the tendency to withdraw into themselves during the transition to the field.
Pray that they will have a burden for their nation–that the Lord gives them an equal love for the people they work with.
Pray that God would give them creative ideas to help in the work, and also strengthen their daily devotional life and relationship with the Lord.

4. Pray for Missionary Kids who have backslid. God is a God of Restoration! Our team consistently fasts and prays for MKs who are backsliddden, and we have seen several return to the Lord! (Psalm 145:18-19)

Pray that the Lord would restore all MKs. Pray that He would place a hunger in their hearts for the relationship they once had.
Pray for the Lord to open up communication between them and their parents.
Pray that God would send friends into their lives who will be a positive influence for Him.
Pray against hurts and bitterness of the past, and that there would be a spirit of forgiveness and a freedom in God.

Cylinda Nickel
Guest Writer
(From: World Network of Prayer wnopadmins@upci.org)