From time to time, we all will say: “Help me Jesus.”
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There needs to be a purpose for prayer. There needs to be an intentional time to pray. Incentive, initiation, and desire are words that describe what it takes to actually enter into a quality prayer time. A greater prayer life takes time and is progressive. Start your day with prayer. Set your prayer times to pray and keep it. The results will lead to more prayer.

Some of the things that prayer produces:
1. A greater relationship with Jesus.
2. A greater understanding of His will.
3. A growing sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit of God.
4. A greater recognition of His presence.
5. Problems are revealed by the Lord, along with what it takes to resolve them.
6. A greater understanding (revelation) of who God is and of His Word.
7. A greater leadership ability.
8. True effectiveness comes through intimacy with God.
9. Quality of what is done for the Lord is improved.
10. Revival in you, your church,and those around you.

The above information is from Pastor Phillip Hofstetter via the World Network of Prayer Newsletter.
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