Prayer grows through engagement.

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Prayer grows through engagement.

“Prayer grows through engagement” by Jeremiah Dirnberger.

“…I have heard many sermons preached on the subject of prayer, with special emphasis placed on you ought to. Unfortunately, I have heard little instruction on how to pray. Furthermore, I have seen fewer who lived a life of prayer.”-Dr. Eugene T. Wilson in Seventy: Everyone Needs a Team.

If you have ever lived in an area that was about to be impacted by a hurricane, you probably know the answer to this question. What are the first two items that every store runs out of in terms of groceries when a hurricane warning is issued? Bread and bottled water! People instinctively rush to the store and stock up on bread and bottled water and in a matter of hours, those shelves are completely empty. A shipment of bread or water that arrives barely makes it to the shelves as people mob the pallets before they can be unloaded. We don’t clear the shelves of meat, milk, fruit, or cookies. Innately, we are all programmed to get bread and water when a storm is coming.

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