People need the Lord.

I finally got some time off to collect my Computer CPU from my Tech Expert today since it needed to be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

There was a white/caucasian man who came into the Store about 5-7 minutes after me. As I waited to get another chance to speak to my Tech Expert about another matter, the same man was getting his phone fixed. When it came for him to pay he did so by credit card. But it was what he said that struck me with curiosity. He said he is a SEPTA driver but he is not working now. He has to wait at least 30 days to work again because he failed a “Breathalyzer Test” he said. He works for Septa, but apparently when they did a random test he failed and is now on some sort of “probation” for 30 days. In fact, when he walked through the door to enter the Store, I could smell the drinking “juice” high on him. It was just after 12 noon in the early afternoon today Feb 3, 2020.

But he also said he plays the “Slot Machine” at the Corner Store for cash/money. So it may just be that he has a gambling problem also, though I am not sure of that. His communication with me was very limited as he focused on getting his phone fixed, paying and leaving. But I did pray for him right there on the spot inside the Store that God would help him with his drinking problem and Septa work issues.

As he left the Store, I did verbally wish him “all the best” with his Septa work and drinking problem. That’s the best I could do at the time. But God is good. I may not see him again. But if God answers my prayers for him, I believe his drinking problem will be fixed/corrected for the good and his Septa work issues will not be a problem.

People need the Lord. He does. I did and still do. And there are many others too. People need the Lord. See Psalms 91:15 KJV.
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