Obsessive Christ-centered Dependency

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Obsessive Christ-centered Dependency

ARC Sunday Preaching May 3, 2020 live online via Facebook with Pastor Edwards and the topic Christianity OCD: Obsessive Christ-centered Dependency. Some of the Scriptures mentioned during the preaching included 1 Corin 16:13-16, Phil 4:8, Colos 3:1-3, 1 Corin 4:10(a) and John 15:5 KJV.

As he preached, Pastor Edwards mentioned that without Christ we can do nothing (John 15:5) and how important it is that we need OCD: Obsessive, Christ-centered Dependency in our life with God. That OCD is a compulsion and there will be a few who will get back to it, and to giving “their all” to God. The only power we have for deliverance in our life is the faith to contend for the faith. And the Bible can be sum-up in one word “submission” as mentioned by Pastor Edwards in reference to what T. F. Tenney used to say.

Pastor Edwards also preached that it’s a sad thing to see when sin humiliates us in front of the lost world to see. But to be humble in humility with God is always better. And Pastor Edwards also preached that a love for the world has cured too many Christians from their OCD with God or for the things of God. This is contrary to what the Apostle Paul wrote about what Christians should do: “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ” 1 Corinthians 11:1. We cannot help ourselves and that’s why OCD is important to us and our life in Christ.

Pastor Edwards continued and said we need to “walk” with God as Enoch did (Gen 5:24). To walk with God is unique “life” with God as the word “walk” as mentioned in the Bible refers to “life” with God (i.e. godliness or holiness in Christ). From Gen 5:1-24, others lived and died but Enoch did not “…for God took him.” His life was dedicated and pleasing to God. Some Christians want to walk with God and still be like the world. That is not right.

When we lose our life and find it for God sake it’s a good loss in the sight of God, Pastor Edwards preached. Because God called us to “lose” our life and not to choose the life of this world – to be choosers (Matthew 16:25). If satan can get to us or get us to sin easily, we are not hidden with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3). We have instead become “open target” to the enemy. In our life, we need to give God the “driving seat” so we will never be driven to a losing battle or defeat of sin with the enemy.