Not for Sale, Not for Hire.

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Not for Sale, Not for Hire.

ARC Sunday Preaching April 19, 2020 live via Facebook with Pastor Edwards: Not for Sale, Not for Hire (Sold out beyond the shadow of every doubt). Some of the Scriptures mentioned by Pastor Edwards include Matthew 4:1-11, 1 Corin 6:15-20, Phili 3:10-14, Prov 23:23, and Isa 55: 8-9.

As he preached, Pastor Edwards said, among other things, if we stay in the highest place with God, we will not be for sale to the devil. We need to say to the devil that he cannot hire us because we have already been hired by the highest: God. We have no business staying in the lowest places of life (i.e. sin) when we have been called to be in the highest place of God (i.e. holiness or godliness).

And if we stay in the highest place for God (and with God) we will never find ourselves sold out to the devil. The devil cannot afford us. Because we have been bought with a price that he cannot pay. The devil does not care about us. He just wants to get us to the lowest place in life (i.e. sin) and then let us go/remain in sin lowest place of life.

Heavenly Revelations have an earthly responsibility and purpose. But not because we have an earthly purpose does it mean we are of the Earth. We must not prostitute the truth. We must get the truth and sell it not. As long as we are possess by the truth from God, we will not entertain the lie of the devil. And if what we do for God is a high thing and a higher thing, then it will be a greater thing for God. When we waste time entertaining the enemy’s will, it’s the same as doing our own will – not God’s will in our life.

The only thing God does not control is our own self will. When God purchased our life, he also purchased our own self will. Spiritual Liberty does not free us to do anything we like in life. We were never given the right by God to walk (i.e. live) in the flesh. We can get our name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and still not be saved in the end. And anything that says “leave me alone” is of the devil. See Luke 4:31-36 KJV.

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