Nine Steps of Intercession.

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Nine Steps of Intercession.

Nine Steps of Intercession Most Christians have a desire to impact the kingdom through their prayers. Often, we jump in and start praying for everything that we can think of that needs prayer. While this may have some impact, Spirit-led prayers are more effective. The following are proven steps that help prepare us to be effectively used in intercessory prayer.

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord won’t hear me.”(Psalm 66:18)
Before we go before the throne of God on behalf of others, we must have clean hands and a pure heart.
RELATIONSHIP CHECK: (first with God, then with others)

With God
Am I putting Him first in my life?
Am I trusting Him fully?
Am I spending time in His Word?
Am I obedient to the leading of His Spirit?

With Others
Is there anyone I need to askfor forgiveness?
Is there anyone I need to forgive?

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