“Integrity” Part 3 at ARC Bible Study

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“Integrity” Part 3 at ARC Bible Study

ARC Thursday Bible Study Oct 3, 2019 was about Part 3 of the Topic on “Integrity” with sister Edwards, Pastor Edwards and ARC Saints/Guests. Some of the Scriptures mentioned by sister Edwards in the Presentation were Luke 6:46, John 13:17, James 2:26, Job 1:1, Job 1:8 among others.

As she continued the topic, we were reminded that Integrity has a lot to do with what’s in our hearts because that will eventually come out of our mouths. From the mind, the heart, the mouth then into our walk with God and therefore our lifestyle we will see integrity or otherwise.

Integrity definition is about incorruptibility, soundness and completeness in our life. See Luke 6:46. We have to do the things God says we are to do.

And as sister Edwards also said, for integrity to be true, appropriate actions must follow good intentions. See John 13:17 and James 2:26. And the calling of the Lord in our life is important. But we need to obey God and be humble in and during the process. See Job 1:1 for how Moses and others saw Job and his relationship with integrity to God. See Job 1:8 about how God saw that as well.

Sister Edwards also mentioned that those with integrity live in transparent houses. Everyone knows who they are at all times and every where they go and live (i.e. interact with others) in this world.