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“The Reset:”

What is the rest we are told to enter into? Scripture bears out that in our day “the rest” is the Holy Ghost.But how do we apply rest to our stressful lives, and walk in the peace God has intended for us? How do we walk in the Spirit, and not follow the unproductive ways the flesh? Have you ever watched an eagle soar effortlessly on the wings of the wind? We cannot help but be a little envious of this ability, while at the same time watching in admiration. Even though we cannot physically achieve these heights, we can go there in the Spirit when we consistently position ourselves to enter into His rest. First, we must practice consistent,daily prayer. We must make the time to connect with His Spirit at the start of our day, in spite of any resistance we may face. We must have a mind to persevere, positioning ourselves to soar above the situation(s) we are currently in.Then,we will be able to rise above the storms of life,until we are sitting in heavenly places with the Lord Jesus Christ. Positioning may not sound like rest, but in reality we are taking on His light yoke. God is not limited by time or space. He is one who enables the eagle to soar.

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“The Discipline of Fasting.”
Excerpts from Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

What is Fasting?
Throughout Scripture, fasting refers to abstaining from foodfor spiritual purposes. It stands in contrast to the hunger strike, or for health reasons such as dieting. Biblical fasting always centers on spiritual purposes.

Scripture Describes Different Types of Fasts

The Normal Fast
This involved abstaining from all food, solid or liquid, but not from water. In the forty-day fast of Jesus, we are told that “He ate nothing” and toward the end of the fast that “He was hungry” and Satan tempted Him to eat, indicating that the abstaining was from food, but not from water(Luke 4:2).

The Partial Fast
The Bible describes what could be considered a partial fast: that is, there is a restriction of diet, but not total abstention. Although the normal fast seemed to be the custom with the prophet Daniel, there was an occasion where for three weeks he “ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over” (Daniel 10:3).

The Absolute Fast.

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Prayer Walking Basics
Adapted from PRAYER WALKING by Steve Hawthorne.

Prayer walking is praying on-site so we can pray with greater insight.There are three ways this is accomplished. First, as we observe things around us with our natural eyes, we see things we can pray about. This is called responsive insight. Second, we pray for the Spirit to open our understanding and spiritual senses so we can “see”what God sees and “hear” what God hears. As God shares this information,He can also speak to us about specific things to pray for. This is called revealed insight. Lastly, we can research the demographics and history of the area we will be praying in. History affects the future and can give us understanding of why things are the way they are in a specific area. This is called researched insight.

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