Godliness with contentment is great gain

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Godliness with contentment is great gain

ARC Sunday Service Preaching February 9, 2020 with Pastor Edwards…godliness with contentment is great gain. The main Scripture for the preaching came from 1 Timothy 6:1-12 KJV.

As Pastor Edwards preached, just some of what he said include the fact that godliness is holiness. And we are to thank God for godliness. We cannot have the positive of godliness without the negative of godliness or else we will be outside of the will of God. Godliness consist of Godly freedom. We are free to be Godly.

Pastor Edwards also said we cannot be saved with our own humanity. And what fellowship is light with darkness. Godliness must come first, then gain (Matthew 6:33). To not be content with the word of God is the same as to not be content with God. If we are content with godliness, we will not be content with the things of this world. If we are content with the things of this world, we will not be content with God or godliness. If God is not the source of our contentment, then we have not started to live for God. And if we are filled with the Holy Ghost but we get up each day and do our own thing, we are telling God we are for our own self.

Pastor Edwards continued and preached that we must be content with godliness when our prayers are not answered. We need to take godliness with us into our trials (Daniel 3:16-18). We cannot serve two Masters – godliness and worldliness (Matthew 6:24). And where your contentment (i.e. satisfaction or sufficiency) is, that is where we will place your commitment. Our contentment with godliness will bring us our greatest gain in life.

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