God is still in control.

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God is still in control.

ARC Sunday Message Video Live on Facebook March 22, 2020 from Pastor Edwards…God is still in control. Some of the Scriptures mentioned by Pastor Edwards included Gen 1:1-5, Rev 1:8, Mala 3:6 and Isa 55:10-11 KJV.

Some of what Pastor Edwards said is that to say I’m a Christian but I’m living by “my will” is a contradiction of God’s Word. God is the Alpha and Omega. God changes not. What we find in Alpha we will also find in Omega. God changes not. God’s been to the end and back – before man was created and fell into sin against God.

Pastor Edwards also preached to the Church that the storm in our life may not be good. But God can still work it for His good. God has always dealt with evil. In the mist of everything, God is creating a different and new environment. When God said “let there be light” it was to create the perfect natural environment for us – God’s People. God cannot lie. God has never changed his mind…ever. God does things for His good. But it can work out for our good.

Pastor Edwards also said God is speaking in all this chaos we are currently facing and experiencing in America for his good pleasure. And because God is silent, we must not read that as he does not care. If God is not worried, we should not be worried if we are in Him and living in Him. If we keep our eyes set and focus on Him (i.e. Jesus) he has many things in store for the Church. We can have God atmosphere in a hell-like climate with faith in the Master (i.e. Jesus). If Jesus is in our vessel, it’s unshakable. Because greater is he that’s in us. It’s not God’s will that any should perish. The greater the storm in our life, the greater the victory.

As he preached some more, Pastor Edwards asked: Can we have enough faith for no word at all from Heaven? And can God get some glory out of all that’s happening now in our life? It’s good to teach others the “right fear of God.” God knows exactly what he’s doing in our life. He blessed us with Eternal Life. We gotta make it right with God for our own selves. The glory God wants is in who he is, not just what he can do. He is still the I AM. We have all the power over the enemy. And because he (God) did “not do” in our life, does not mean he is not “still doing” in our life. God needs to get the glory in our life. We cannot have the will of God and our will at the same time.