God is still God.

It’s really good that we are called upon to pray for others, our families and ourselves at this time across America and the world. The “Coronavirus” is real. One Minister I know personally said on the phone recently that he knows of another Minister who died recently from the “virus.” So we know how real and deadly it is.

But what it has done is caused so many people who never prayed before to pray to God for protection and help. And cause so many who stopped praying to look to God and pray again. I am not sure who the “virus” is from (i.e. the works of the devil and sin or God’s punishment). I really do not like to say things I do not know or what the Holy Ghost has not told me.

But one thing I know, is that people (and their life) will change one way or the other because of the “virus.” I see that “none essential” small businesses in my Community are still open although they should not. I see people wearing masks like it’s a “gas thing” going around. I see people not wearing gloves or any basic protective gears. I see that supermarkets and other essential places I visited are out of hand sanitizers and hand soaps. I see from the news that police men, sports “stars” and celebrities, among others, are infected by the “virus” and some have died. And I see so many other life changing things. But I have never seen Churches “lock down” like this week and at least for the week to come.

So what can we say about all of this. I say we need to keep doing what’s right to protect our selves, families and neighbors as prescribed by our Medical Experts. Keep praying for others and ourselves. Keep seeking God and doing His will. And keep looking for the day soon when life is fine again without the evil “virus” going around. God is still God in all of this (Jeremiah 32:27 KJV).

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