Filling Our Home with Prayer…

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Filling Our Home with Prayer…

Filling Our Home with Prayer and Praise
By Connie Bernard

The first “church” buildings were homes. The apostles went from house to house. I am sure they sang hymns, and they did take up offerings. They shared testimonies, prayed for one another, and prayed the gospel would spread throughout all of their territories.

We must be intentional in our daily lives and how we view our homes. Our homes will be filled with something. I want our home to be filled with His presence. I want our home to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit. I want our home to be filled with His peace.

When our children were young, we were very busy starting a home missions church. Our children were six and three. And I like to say that Lindsey, New Life Church, our dog Sugar and our cat Fluffy were all born at the same time. I was very intentional that our children knew they were our priority.

In that intentionality, I also purposed in my heart that our children would know we lived for Jesus, not just because we were apostolics but because we were Christians. We strived to be like Jesus, and I wanted our children to model that principle in their lives. From their early ages, every week we had Monday night family devotion in our home. Yes, we were in church at least three times a week but our Monday night devotions were in-home training for our children to understand that we lived as Christians every day of our lives inside our home and out in that big world.

On those special nights, as we all came together, each person shared a testimony, something they were thankful for, something God had done for them, or a prayer request. We had a short devotion and ended with prayer together.

Once, when Brother Bernard was out of town, the kids were all at “war” with each other. Finally, I’d had enough and yelled for all of them to stop. The look on their three faces was pure terror. They had never heard their mother yell at them. (Side lesson here, we should never raise our voice to our family. We should love them and honor them the most.) I immediately felt such remorse. As a mom handling three kids by myself I was weary, but I quickly knew who was at work. The enemy of our soul himself wanted to create contention in our home, especially with Daddy gone.

I gathered them close and told them I was sorry for raising my voice. Then I said that the enemy wanted to cause us to fight but we were not going to allow that, were we? They all looked at me with big eyes. I them gave them ownership of the situation. I told them we needed to be praying for Daddy and we were going to pray right then. I started and then had each one pray, from the oldest to the youngest. By the time we got to Lindsey, we were all crying and felt something in that home. We felt God’s presence and knew He had visited us.

Ladies, there is power in prayer and power in giving your family members ownership of prayer and praise in your home, Do not miss the opportunity to continually fill your home with God’s peace. Make it something as natural as breathing and eating.

( FROM: Ladies Prayer Intl November 2020 Newsletter – UPCI LM – )