Faith: Heaven’s Number One Heavy Weight Contender.

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Faith: Heaven’s Number One Heavy Weight Contender.

ARC Sunday Preaching Live Facebook Video April 5, 2020 with Pastor Edwards…Faith: Heaven’s Number One Heavy Weight Contender. Some of the Scriptures mentioned came from Heb 11:1 and 6, Jude 1:1-21 and 1 John 5:4 KJV, among others.

As he preached again via live Facebook connection to ARC, Pastor Edwards said we need to always contend for the faith. But we need the right faith…the true Biblical Faith. And anything that is not of or by faith is a sin. We press on because all around us is evil pressing against us.

To walk by faith means to live by faith. The Church, like the world, is involved in many struggles. But our number one struggle is to contend for the faith. In our life, it’s a terrible thing to get the blessings of life and not have the faith. We will never fight the good fight of faith if we do not fight for the faith. Jesus contend for the faith and won the victory. Jesus already won the victory for our faith. Our battle must be for the faith. And we get the victory from faith to faith. But we are not getting the right true faith if we are in the flesh. Every victory we need is in him (i.e. Jesus) and not outside of or apart from him or our trials.

If we never get to know him at Calvary, we will not get to know him on the other side of Calvary or life. See 1 John 5:4. Fear and faith cannot work in the same vessel. If you have faith at all, your faith will be tested. Evey Jesus thought, song, things we do, etc., will be opposed by the enemy. We need to get the Peter-like faith to come out of our comfort zone by faith and into the water.

When we have faith, we live and do thing his (i.e. Jesus) way. Jesus possess every victory we need within him. He is not putting the pressure on us if we are with him in the trials of life. We must not chase after wresting for the faith but please God in our faith. And the truth faith works by love through God is a very important principle of faith. See Rev 2:1-5.