Faith…and the will of God

The Pastor of the local Church I attend recently told us (the Church Congregation and Visitors) that he believes God gave him the gift of “faith.” See 1 Corinthians 12:9 KJV. Like many who were at Church that day, I believe him. Because I know him for some many years now (via my mother who was a Fellowship Member for years at his Assembly). And I also heard about his faith at work in practical terms during his many years in the Ministry, Ministering to his Assembly and the Church Community.

But I also see faith at work every time visitors visit or Members of the Congregation make it back to Church. By faith they visited or returned believing that the word of God (i.e. the Bible) is true. And for some, that Jesus is coming back a second time so they are saved to remain saved or will be saved. See Mark 16:16 KJV.

But faith works with the will of God. We can have faith to “move mountains” but if God is not willing to let that happen, our faith is still faith in God and His power. But it’s His perfect will that it is not to be – the moving of the mountain. See Romans 12:2 KJV. The Apostle Paul had many Spiritual Gifts as a great blessed and true Prophet of God. But he did not have absolute power or will to use his Spiritual Gifts as he liked. Many times he had to accept the will of God as no, wait a while or yes now. James 4:15 KJV says: “For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.”

One of the consistent problem I see in life is that many Saints of God love and rejoice in the will of God working in their life when that suits their purpose or personal circumstances. If God’s will or doing does not line-up with what they like, prayed for, believe or expected, then that is not the kind of God’s will that they like. Many pray and expect their prayers to be answered exactly the way they wanted it to be or prayed for instead of seeing God present “perfect will” at work and His Divine Purpose coming in the future.

So if we pray for the Rapture to come during our life-time, for example, but it does not, when we are 50+ years “in the Lord” and near natural death, our faith must continue to believe that it’s the perfect will of God that we will not see the Rapture but it will happened as prophesied in the Bible. God does not and cannot lie. What he says and written by His Prophets must come to past. Any Bible student who has ever read both the Old and New Testaments from what the Prophets said and what “came to past” will know that is true.

So faith must be in inline with the will of God. We need faith to believe and be saved, and continue to remain saved until the end. Matthew 24:13 KJV says: “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”

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