ARC Sunday Service… Shaken Process of God

ARC Sunday Service Preaching October 27, 2019 with Pastor Edwards…Shaken Process of God. Some of the Scriptures from the Preaching include: Luke 22:31-34, Heb 12:25-29, John 16:33, Psalm 119:75 and Jere 29:11 KJV.

As Pastor Edwards preached, he said it does not matter what satan brings at us if we are in the hands of God. Sometimes the shaken process of God is to bring more blessings to us as Saints of God. And our faith will make all the difference in the world about what your shaken by God will produce. We must not get bitter on our way to better from God. We cannot endure to the end without the hand of God in our life. And we gotta have a faith answer for every foolish question the world will ask us.

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