ARC Sunday Service: Prayer, Healing, Exhortation, Prophesy and Preaching.

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ARC Sunday Service: Prayer, Healing, Exhortation, Prophesy and Preaching.

ARC Sunday Service November 24, 2019 Prayer, Healing, Exhortation, Prophesy and Preaching with Pastor Edwards…The Power of Christ. Some of the Scriptures from the preaching include: Rom 8:11-18, 2 Corin 12:1-10, 1 Corin 10:13 and Hebrews Chapter 11.

As he preached, Pastor Edwards gave the Church a word from the Lord to the Church that “if I don’t remove it I will help you get through it.” Pastor Edwards also preached that if the Spirit can cure our death problem, it can cure our life problem as well.

Suffering with Christ is not an option. We will also know him during our enduring through the pain and suffering. It’s a partnership. God will not put more on us than we can bear (1 Corin 10:13). God will use all the pain and pressure in our life to help us make it through. But we get stuff in our life that we are paying the wrong attention to. That can take us away from God.

Overcoming this world does not mean we will not face tribulation. But we can press through. And overcoming is not a temporary thing in our life. But we do not want to be found suffering without Christ.

He also preached that in our complaining, the power of Christ is not resting on us. If we possess resurrection power, we have access to restoration power. We need to be loving on God more than anything else. We need to hear the trumpet sounding now in our life (i.e. the warning signs). God does not know defeat. The cross is not a defeat. It’s victory.

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