ARC Easter Sunday: Resurrection Day…Resurrection Power

ARC Sunday Preaching April 12, 2020 Live via Facebook with Pastor Edwards: Resurrection Day…Resurrection Power. Some of the Scriptures came from: Isa 53:1-12, Matt 28:1-7, Luke 24:1-9, Mark 16:1-6, and John 20:1-17 KJV.

On this Easter Sunday at ARC Building small gathering of Fellowship Saints, and with many others online, some of what Pastor Edwards preached is that we are always one prayer away from our light in times of trouble. We can live in the dark as long as we have the light.

The potential to become negative always develop in darkness. We need to be in love with the bridegroom (i.e. Jesus) so we (i.e. the Church) as his bride can live and endure in this world day by day, unto Sunday.

The Spirit of God within us is always going to give glory to the Maker (i.e. Jesus). Our worry and complaining negatively will not help to change our adverse situations in life. We are to be careful of our evil imaginations as was in the days of Noah and Adam/Eve in the Old Testament. We need to release the rivers of living water within us when the enemy comes at us. We need a God flow of the Spirit. We need to worship the light and in the light.

We have the Resurrection Power within us when the enemy strikes at us. We need to let loose the Resurrection Power on our problems and adverse situations in life. While we are striving with the hell pressure, we can still be in heavenly places.

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