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PAMission.com – Philadelphia Apostolic Mission Website was created and built by Mike Taylor. Mike is an Administrator by Profession (B.S. in Administration) and a Pentecostal Apostolic (Acts 2:38) Christian Believer since 1995 and originally from UPCJ and UPCI in the United States.

He lives in Philadelphia PA in the United States with families and great friends. During his Christian Life from a New Convert (i.e. New Church Member) he has been involved in many Ministries such as Community Outreach Evangelism, Prayer/Fasting, Preaching/Teaching, Youths/Young Adults, Men’s Discipleship/Fellowship, Ushering/Church Visitors and Home Bible Study Ministries.

He has seen and experienced many things that have changed Christians in Church and unsaved neighbors lives for the good and the unpleasant. By sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others, Mike has discovered that this has been good for most people he has encountered during his daily walk with God in the Faith. He sincerely believes that Biblical truth and kindness help to change people lives for the better.

His Philosophy on life is centered around the Christian Bible Principles and the traditional lifestyle union between one man and one woman in holy matrimony. Only that is Biblical and acceptable to God: Jesus. And read Genesis 24:1-67 KJV.

Picture above of Mike and a favorite Family Member.

  Mike Taylor current Local Philadelphia Church Fellowship Information:

Pastor Thomas A. Ellis
The Overcoming Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (Apostolic Acts 2:38 KJV)
4940 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Phone: (215) 438-8245

NOTE: The Overcoming Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the former Apostolic (Acts 2:38 Belief/Faith) Church of Mrs Roslyn Taylor who was saved there, had Fellowship there, and had her Funeral Service held there with Pastor Ellis Ministering.

 See our website images about our Faith, belief in God and the Apostolic Doctrine. Click here.

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