A Corporate Prayer against the Coronavirus: A Temple Dedication.

In I Kings 8:5-40, the real focus was the dedication of Solomon’s temple with an emphasis on bringing the Ark of the Covenant back into the temple. The temple dedication is also about you and I during this time of unprecedented attack of the coronavirus on our country. Therefore, we are asking God to hear our prayers corporately for the rededicating of our values, our ambitions, and our personal lifestyles to reflect a greater honor and reverence for God’s laws. This is preceded with the rededication of our personal ark, and pursuing intimacy with the covenant God of Israel in fellowship and obedience.

The Ark represented the highest form of prayer intimacy for the people of Israel. Lord help us to examine our personal intimacy with You, Oh Lord, in prayer, that we would desire to know You in a deeper way in the fellowship of suffering and be made conformable to Your death. May this be included in our prayers for ourselves, our families, our churches and our nation.

Solomon offered burnt animal sacrifices. This represents our repentance to God for the sins of our nation and our churches. We are appealing to God’s sovereign love to forgive His people and heal the land according to His ways and law. We are praying for those who do not recognize the sovereignty of the God of Israel, that they would recognize and give glory to the One true God of Israel who controls all human affairs.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, the very body that the coronavirus is attacking, is the Body of Christ. We, like Solomon, must rededicate our bodies to the One true God of Israel. To implore his mercies towards our country, our government officials, our medical leaders and our families. To give them wisdom and unity to work together to restore order and civility to our nation, which belongs to you.

We ask these things in the Name of Jesus Christ. And we declare King Solomon’s words in our corporate prayer together, “Hear the supplication of your servant and of your people Israel when they pray…” (I Kings 8:30).

Pastor Don Rogers
The Pentecostals of Wisconsin
Wisconsin District Prayer Coordinator
(Information from: WNOP Prayer Connect – World Network of Prayer – wnopadmins@upci.org)

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