A Call to Prayer for Our Nations.

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A Call to Prayer for Our Nations.

A Call to Prayer for Our Nations” from Bishop David K. Bernard.
As the United States of America celebrates Independence Day and as Canada has just celebrated Canada Day, I urge all of us to pray for our nations and our world. The United States and Canada have been blessed with liberty and prosperity. A significant reason is that our nations were founded on biblical values. Consequently, God has used our nations to help spread the gospel around the world. However, we are now facing a major crisis involving health, economics, and politics.

In addition to the global pandemic, the US is experiencing racial tensions and social upheaval. While it is both important and biblical to stand for justice and against racism, some radical elements are using this crisis to attack America’s national values and social fabric, including religious freedom, economic freedom, and the rule of law, as well as the institutions of marriage and the family.

We must stand against this attempt to destroy the foundations of our nation, and we must go to God in intercessory prayer. Let us pray for leaders, law enforcement officers, and our national heritage of liberty. Our nation is not perfect, and it must not become an idol, but we should pray for the peace of our cities and nations. (See Psalm 122:6; Jeremiah 29:7.) Even in an ungodly society, a small percentage of righteous people can change the destiny of a city, and intercession can save souls. (See Genesis 18:32.)

Sincerely in Christ,
David K. Bernard
General Superintendent
(Info from: World Network of Prayer – wnopadmins@upci.org)